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Headhunter & recruiting.

go Rail manages a network of international professionals that can support different companies in the search recruitment of specialized professionals at all levels of the different areas of the transport field for its international projects.

Despite the global dimensión of go Rail, its deep knowledge of the European market, makes it especially qualified in supporting a recruitment of experts in any of the areas of transport infrastructure that are well prepared to deal with european state of the art technologies.

Its specialization is focused in finding senior specialized technical profiles in the different transport infrastructure systems (conventional and high speed railway, subways and tramways, BRT and bus fleets). However, due to its continuous contacts to the different players within the railway world including Universities, go Rail can also provide junior or medium experience specialists.

go Rail searches and selects professionals for permanent or interim positions in areas as platform, track, workshops, operation and maintenance.

go Rail, as a provider of consultancy and technological engineering in international projects and having its management participated in the process of European normalization right from its origins, understands the requirements of its clients. This understanding reaches from the knowledge and the professional profiles to be provided all the way through to the social and cultural abilities the candidates must have, taking special care of this last detail as it is equally relevant in all of its works for the results and finally the benefit of the client.

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